Put Down the TV Remote, Get Off of the Couch

History will look back on this time as a critical moment in the course of the American Experiment. We are potentially standing astride a crease in American history, a crease that divides the [mostly] Constitutional Republic from something that looks more like the gray welfare states of Europe.

If you are not actively involved in this struggle, you are spitting in the faces of all of the incredible Americans in history who sacrificed to hand us this amazing Republic. This is on your watch, and just like Nathan Hale and Joseph Warren it is your job to step up and shoulder the burden when it is on your watch. Blogging and listening to Rush and posting articles to Facebook is not enough. Put down the TV remote and get off the sofa. I beg you to join a local Tea Party Patriots affiliated group and join the movement that will save America. Do not be fooled by other groups, the altruistic tea party is Tea Party Patriots.

I am very involved in the Tea Party movement. I am on the board of my local Tea Party and hold the title of Communications Director. Further, I am a local coordinator for the national Tea Party Patriots, which means that I am in the loop when it comes to plans and strategy. This weekend I attended a TPP local coordinators conference, which brought in local coordinators from around the US. If you met these people and saw the things that I saw in terms of our movement’s plans and strategy, you would be infused with hope and energy. I know that I am, and I am a hardcore cynic at times.

What I am asking for is real action. I meet a ton of people who are on board with our philosophy but have never been to a single Tea Party event, not even a Tax Day rally. Even then, most people have been to perhaps one event. The fact is that even the people who call themselves Tea Partiers go to a meeting once a month and for some reason they think that they are accomplishing something. We are a relatively small group of people, and we are pulling your weight. It is time for you to step up and sacrifice some of your time. The left is counting on you being obsessed with American Idol and other drivel.

Again, I implore you to become a metaphorical foot soldier in this movement, which is the ONLY HOPE for America. If the Tea Party fails, America morphs into Amerika and will never come back. It is a one way change, people. Please take me seriously on this. We need your help.

I want to relate a conversation that I had the other morning while I was hanging out waiting for the conference to start. The next conference room over contained a large group of soldiers who were about to deploy and were having a meeting. I noticed a big guy in BDUs walking down our way and as I always do, I went over to talk to him. Luckily I am familiar enough with the ranks to be able to walk right up and say “Thank you for your service, [officer rank here].” But his response surprised me and actually chokes me up again thinking about it. He held my handshake in a firm grip without letting go, nodded toward the sign that said “Tea Party Patriots” and asked “Are you with them?”. When I said yes, he leaned in and said “No, thank YOU for your service.”  I was floored. In our ensuing discussion it was agreed that while he was walking the line and watching our backs, he expected the Tea Party movement to be here back at home watching his back. Soon he had to go because he was leading their meeting, but when he left he shook my hand hard again and held it in a firm grip as he implored me “Don’t give up, Don’t let up, Don’t back down. We are counting on you guys.”

Is that enough for you to get off of the sofa? If not, nothing ever will.

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