We have been here before

Hat tip to Ramparts 360 for the image.  I had seen this before somewhere and found a larger version in a post over at Free Republic.

Planned Economy or Planned Destruction

Chicago Tribune, 1934

This could have been penned today.  The wagon is labeled Young Pinkies from Columbia and Harvard (two institutions quite familiar to President Obama) and an intoxicated occupant is drinking from a bottle labeled “POWER”!

The Lenin lookalike, who knows that “it worked in Russia“, is writing a “PLAN OF ACTION FOR U.S.” which includes:

SPEND! SPEND! SPEND! Under the Guise of RecoveryBust the Government – Blame the Capitalists for the Failure – Junk the Constitution and Declare a Dictatorship

Rules For Radicals

That “bust the government, blame the capitalists” line may have been part of the inspiration for the Cloward-Piven Strategy formulated three decades later by, coincidentally, two Columbia University sociologists.

I must admit that when I ask myself what this administration is thinking with respect to the economy – why they seem to demonstrate a complete lack of ECON-101 understanding, my mind always finds its way back to Cloward-Piven.

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