Restraining the Leviathan

If you have not read my previous post calling for a Constitutional Convention, please do so first by clicking here. Because the amendments I suggest severely curtail the powers of the US Congress, they will never be proposed by the very people who stand to lose their illegitimate powers.

What follows is a list of key amendments that would put the federal government back into its constitutional box, reasserting the idea of federalism. Experts in lawyer-talk would no doubt be needed to refine my language in order to make it more bulletproof, but the basic idea remains the same: restrain the Leviathan.

Strong Balanced Budget Amendment

  • Expenditures by the Congress shall not exceed revenues, nor shall congressional spending exceed 15% of the Gross Domestic Product. Exceptions can be made in times of emergency with a four-fifths vote in both houses of Congress.
  • The methods used to calculate the Gross Domestic Product shall not be modified in any way from those used in 2007.
  • Any increase in taxes, fees, or any other revenue for the federal government, including eliminations of deductions, shall require a two-thirds super majority vote in both houses of Congress.

Balance of Powers Restoration Amendment

  • A two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress shall override any decision by the Supreme Court. [Hat tip Mark Levin – For a detailed analysis of this proposal, see my post titled Conservative Manifesto Part 3: Judges]
  • Supreme Court justices shall serve one term of ten years. [Again: hat tip Mark Levin]
  • The size of the Supreme Court shall be fixed at nine justices.
  • A vote of two-thirds of the state legislatures shall have the power to overturn, veto, and nullify any law passed by Congress, including existing legislation. The signatures of the governors of the several States shall not be required. [Goodbye, ObamaCare.]
  • The Supreme Court shall not have the power to write law, only to uphold or overturn laws without modification. [This would prevent egregious violations of the Separation of Powers as was seen in Roe v Wade where the Supreme Court wrote the law of the land on abortion. In that case, the high court should simply have struck down the law but instead wrote the new national law.]
  • Only Congress has the Constitutional authority to create law. No law, regulation, statute, or any other similar restraint on the freedoms of Americans is valid unless it was specifically defined in the legislation passed by Congress. No agency of government is permitted to issue regulations, rules, or laws without passing another vote in both Houses of Congress. Any current regulation or rule that was not specifically mentioned in the bill passed by Congress shall be null and void. [This means that Congress cannot pass legislation that grants authority to the bureaucrats to write new laws. Examples of unconstitutionally delegated law making authority are the EPA and HHS].
  • Congress shall not be permitted to pass laws that do not apply equally to all three branches of government and their employees. Any existing law which applies to Americans yet does not apply to members of the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of government becomes null and void six months after the passage of this amendment. [This makes things like ObamaCare, the Minimum Wage, the Americans with Disabilities Act, insider trading laws, etc., applicable to Congress or to no one. They should not be allowed to pass laws to which they are exempt.]
  • The President shall enforce all laws passed by Congress exactly as the law reads. A President shall not have the authority to decline to enforce a law or to modify that law or its enforcement in any way. Violation of this amendment shall be considered an impeachable offense. [This would prevent abuses like the “executive order” DREAM act that King Obama unilaterally declared.]
  • The President shall not have the power to issue Executive Orders. All existing executive orders are null and void.

Citizenship Clarification Amendment

  • No person who entered the United States illegally or stayed in the United States illegally shall ever be permitted United States citizenship or any voting rights until they return to their home country for 10 years, then subsequently immigrate legally. Any amnesty granted subsequent to the 1986 amnesty is null and void.
  • Only citizens of the United States may receive any means tested government benefits. Non citizens shall not qualify for TANF, WIC, subsidized housing, Medicaid, SSI, PPACA, or any similar programs.
  • Only children born with at least one parent who is a citizen shall be granted birthright citizenship.
  • All chain migration and family reunification laws are hereby repealed and henceforth shall be prohibited.

Federalism Amendment

  • The federal government shall not have the authority to dictate business or any other decisions to groups, businesses, or institutions simply because they receive federal tax dollars. [Colleges can hire whoever they want and run their schools however they want even if they receive tax dollars. Where did this idea originate that receiving federal money forfeits rights?]
  • No level of government in the United States shall be permitted to use unmanned aircraft or any similar surveillance technology within the United States unless they are investigating a specific crime, and any such use shall require a unique search warrant.
  • No employees of the federal government shall be permitted to utilize collective bargaining or to unionize.
  • The federal government shall divest itself of the Student Loan program and shall not be permitted to forgive any loans.
  • The Federal Reserve shall be publicly audited every five years. All data and complete results shall be immediately released to the general public with no exceptions. Neither the Federal Reserve nor any other agency of the federal government shall be permitted to purchase Treasury Bills or any other government securities. Any increase in the money supply shall require a two-thirds vote in both houses of Congress.
  • No bill presented or voted on in Congress may contain expenditures of any kind to more than one nation.
  • Congress shall not have the authority to permit expenditures on private pension plans. Any laws to the contrary become null and void on the passage of this amendment. [The US Taxpayers are on the hook for a lot of private, union pension plans. Unacceptable.]
  • The federal government is not permitted to own any share of any company. Any such ownership shall be liquidated immediately upon passage of this amendment. [Goodbye, Government Motors.]
  • The clause known as the Interstate Commerce Clause shall not allow the federal government to control all goods that cross state lines. The federal government may regulate commerce among the several states, but only to encourage commerce. The federal government shall not have the power to regulate the manufacture or sale of products simply because they cross state lines. Any laws in violation of this amendment become null and void upon passage of this amendment. [This means that federal control of light bulbs, toilet tank size, “CAFE” minimum auto MPG, etc., is invalid and prohibited].

UPDATE 8-23-2013: I was proud but unsurprised to find that Mark Levin had the same idea! Of course, he wrote an entire book (The Liberty Amendments) as opposed to this simple blog post of mine from March and his list of amendments is more thorough and researched, but the bottom line is that both The Great One and I came to the same obvious conclusion: this is the only way that we will ever put this leviathan of a federal government back into its constitutional box is to get the several States to exercise their authority under Article V of the Constitution. Let’s get to work!

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Our Trump Card

Alexander Tytler allegedly said that our form of government can only exist “until the majority discovers it can vote itself largess out of the public treasury”. It’s not hard to grasp the simple math that in a democracy a small majority can use the government to exploit the minority: 51% of the population can live off of the other 49%.


Got her Obama phone

After President Obama’s re-election, many of us worry that we have arrived at this long feared tyranny of the majority tipping point. But remember that the founders were well aware of this, having studied the previous failed experiments in democracy throughout history. They carefully thought this thing through. It has been nothing more than our failure to hold their feet to the fire that has let things get this bad. So let’s look at what they put in place as defenses against a perennially power hungry central government.

Their first line of defense was simply the underlying notion of representative democracy. The elected officials want to be reelected and therefore react to the wishes of their constituents. But sometimes unquestioning adherence to a groupthink ideology can upset that balance. This was quite clearly demonstrated in 2010 when many elected Democrats fell on their ideological swords in a successful attempt to force ObamaCare through against public sentiment. The very notion of a blue dog Democrat died with that fateful vote.

The next line of defense is a President who will follow his oath to faithfully support and defend the US Constitution, vetoing legislation that would violate our founding document.

Are those crickets you hear?

Then of course there is the revered American institution that is the Supreme Court. We put noble lawyers on the high court for life so that they will stick by their allegiance to the US Constitution rather than succumbing to political ideologies. But note how many Living Document philosophers on the High Court were appointed by Republican Presidents. See Kelo v New London. See the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act.

We The People do have a trump card handed to us by those bright men in 1787, but only if we are not too irrationally fearful to play it.

US ConstitutionI know full well that many otherwise reasonable people oppose what I am about to propose, but please give a fellow patriot the benefit of the doubt and bear with me as I describe this. I understand your likely concerns about this approach because I once strongly shared them. But times have changed. American Liberty and the very notion of federalism are dying. It’s time to step back and take a larger look at where we stand and what our real options are.

The founding fathers gave us a mechanism for controlling the federal government that has not yet been used. Brilliantly, there are safeguards built into this method that protect us from the aforementioned tyranny of the majority. That’s right. I respectfully submit that it is time for a constitutional convention. When you take a clear look at our system, particularly in the post-17th amendment America, it really is the only method that the States have to restrain the federal government. And it is safer than you think.

The normal and legitimate criticism of the very idea of invoking this never-used clause in Article V of the Constitution is that everything is on the table. The statists could even propose an amendment to repeal the second amendment after all! That’s true. But there are two key things to remember. First, a constitutional convention does not pass amendments; it merely proposes them in the same way that a super majority vote in both houses of Congress can propose an amendment. Second (and this is the really important part), the ratification process is a matter of the number of states, and not based upon population. Three-fourths of the states’ legislatures must approve any proposed amendment. Turn that around. If just over one-fourth of the states vote no, no amendment can pass, which means that 13 states can stand in the way of any poison-pill amendments. All that matters in this scenario is the ideological breakdown of the state legislatures.

You have seen those maps of how the counties vote in Presidential elections, with a sea of red being overwhelmed by the dark blue big cities. But have you seen a map of which party controls the state legislatures?


According to Wikipedia, in 2013 there are 27 Republican-controlled state legislatures and only 17 Democrat controlled state legislative bodies. Only 13 states are required to prevent the ratification of a bad amendment. In a battle for the soul and future of America, I like those odds. Let there be no doubt that we have a tough row to hoe when it comes to convincing people of the wisdom of our proposed amendments, particularly the blue statist-controlled states, but it’s important to remember that we do not have to present these arguments for the approval of the tyranny of the majority. That is the fundamental difference that makes this the smartest strategic approach.

Imagine that the Democrats held a majority of the state legislatures. Do you doubt for one second that they would call for a Constitutional Convention tomorrow? Think about your answer while remembering how the other side always plays hardball while our side tries to look amicable.

Our only hope of putting the several States back in control of this federal leviathan is a constitutional convention. It’s time to buck up.

UPDATE: For a list of the amendments that would return the intended power to the States and the people, click here.

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GOP Self Destruction

Whether they realize it or not, the GOP establishment is sowing the seeds for the complete destruction of the Republican Party.

Read his lips

In 1980, they tried to get a moderate, pseudo-conservative nominated for President but had to settle for their man occupying the number two slot when Americans rallied around a real conservative in Ronald Reagan.

Bob Dole says...

In 1996, they selected their “next man in line” as the nominee only to see him trounced by Bill Clinton.

In 2000, a man who claimed the mantle of conservatism (though ended up a disappointment in many ways) stole the nomination from the Establishment’s beloved “maverick” and ended up with two terms.

Not a fighter

Then in 2008, they crowned yet another non-conservative as the nominee who ended up as cannon fodder for the Obama campaign.

After the McCain debacle and the Obama nightmare, millions of Americans stood up and formed the Tea Party movement. It is an underappreciated fact that Tea Partiers are almost as disgusted with non-conservative Republicans as we are with the Marxist policies of the Obama administration. If you are not a part of the solution, you are a part of the problem, and squishy Republicans like Chris Christie are mere placeholders in many respects, useless in terms of advancing a real conservative agenda.

The GOP has seen us. They have heard us. They know what we believe, how dedicated we are, and by now must know that we are not going away. We saw how well their preference for a moderate worked in 1996 and 2008. Yet they are trying once again, with the aid of former conservatives like Ann Coulter and others, to put their big government pseudo-conservative on the ticket.

They are going to kill the Republican Party.

I am a proud tea party activist. I am very well connected with scores of my fellow tea partiers. Up until now we have uniformly rejected talk of a third party because we know our history and are very familiar with the results of third party candidates in 1912, 1992, and 2000.

But if the GOP Establishment insists on putting another non-conservative up as our nominee, we may have no option other than to form a genuinely conservative third party.


The GOP, in its perennial push to select another Big Government corporatist, is committing suicide by circling the wagons for the northeast liberal who is Mitt Romney.

Don’t say that we didn’t warn you.

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Ron Paul’s Biggest Problem

This does not apply to all Ron Paul supporters, just most of the ones with whom I have interacted. A couple of them have been more reasonable.

Me: You know, I have noticed a couple of things. First, Ron Paul’s isolationist stance will not sell to regular America. He simply cannot win the general election.

Ron Paul supporter: You’re just buying the media narrative. Ron Paul can win! He wants to dismantle the Federal Reserve and bring all of our troops home. I think that you are a rube to the media conspiracy! You need to watch the brilliant segment from John Stewart showing the truth.

Me: No, seriously. In fact, I have noticed that the vast majority of Ron Paul supporters are white guys between the ages of 20 and 40. Common sense about American electoral demographics suggests that this is not a winning “big tent” of support.

Ron Paul supporter: Man, wake the hell up. You are just regurgitating what that jerk Mark Levin says. Use your brain and spare me your “rules for radicals” tactics.

Me: No, seriously, one commercial showing him saying that he has no problem with those 12th Imam Caliphate nutjobs in Iran having nukes will spell the end of his chances. Do you want to replace Obama or not?

Ron Paul supporter: If Ron Paul does not get the nomination, I am voting for Obama. I will not vote for one of your corporatist neo-cons.

Me: Seriously? Obama? And you expect me to believe that you are a serious voter with that kind of talk?

Ron Paul supporter: I am done talking to you. When you stop these liberal tactics, let me know.

Me: I would suggest that perhaps you should look beyond your circle of friends sipping coffee at the local Starbucks and realize that the rest of America does not see things exactly the way that you do. Remember how America elected that empty suit idiot in 2008?

Ron Paul supporter: [unfriend on facebook] [blocked on twitter]

Me: Just damn. Enjoy the Kool Aid, sport. Let’s revisit this next summer when Ron Paul goes back to Houston and contemplates his 2016 run.

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A Terrible Resolve

After the successful Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor, Admiral Yamamoto, who had been educated in the US and knew well the character of our people, allegedly said “I fear that we have awakened a sleeping giant, and filled it with a terrible resolve”. History proved him correct, and Japan paid a well-deserved price for attacking our country.

I often repeated Yamamoto’s analogy and quote last year as we approached the historic 2010 elections. In fact, a sleeping giant was awakened when the American Tea Party movement reacted to the unprecedented statist onslaught from the Left by taking a majority in the House as well as picking up 6 more seats in the Senate. Though we were consistently trashed by the Left and the so-called intelligentsia in the media and academia as ignorant rednecks, they could not deny our drive and our results. To paraphrase the President: “we won”.

Not since September 11th, 2001 has anything drawn the two parties together like the Tea Party movement.

However, what has happened lately in the fight over our skyrocketing debt sheds some light on the truth of our broken system in DC. It is us versus them.

Not since September 11th, 2001 has anything drawn the two parties together like the Tea Party movement has. It is evident now that, with very few exceptions, the two parties have joined together to circle their wagons against our organized group of Constitutional Conservatives. It is abundantly clear that neither party is willing to do anything constructive about the 14 trillion dollar national debt. Instead, they successfully made this public debate about the debt limit, smiling as they metaphorically threw future generations under the bus to continue to feather their nests today with the earnings of still unborn Americans.

This Boehner deal, which is only good for the political class that parasitically lives off of the productive sector of America, only slightly slows down the speeding locomotive of increasing debt. Is that what we voted for when we put 87 new freshmen in the House? Did you expect 65 of them to bail on us, choosing the establishment over America? I did not, and I am quite the cynic.

There is a moment in every martial arts movie where the protagonist, typically someone who wanted to live peacefully but has been pushed too far, looks up slowly at the camera with a terrible resolve in his eyes. At that moment, everyone knows that it’s on. Our hero has decided that he has played nice long enough and that it is time to right some wrongs. This is where we are today, my fellow conservatives.

I naively thought that it was on before. I actually thought that they understood that we expected a new level of real accountability and that we were going to hold their feet to the fire. But with even the GOP treating our movement as if we are transplanted foreign tissue, it’s clear that they need another lesson in humility, another reminder that they are mere employees who can be fired any time and that they only rule with the consent of the governed.

They have re-awakened this giant, and they have filled us with a terrible resolve. But it is up to you. Are you ready to put the TV remote down and get off of the couch? Are you ready to play a role in this movement instead of just saying that you agree with us? It is time for every single one of us to step it up.

If all you do is rant online, it’s time to get very involved in a local group. If your activism consists of nothing more than going to a meeting once a month, it is time for you to become a leader. If you are already a leader, it is time for you to become a catalyst for other leaders. Throughout our history, many great people stepped up when America needed them. From Joseph Warren to Andrew Jackson to Alvin York to Lt. Mikey Murphy, the people who sacrificed to hand us this country are watching. They expect more from us. Please don’t let them down.

I beg you to get involved. Let’s not be the punk generation that lets the American Experiment slip away.

Your first step is to go here and find a local group. With the help of Tea Party Patriots, educate yourself on the issues and become a leader in our movement. We are going to win this thing, because failure is simply not an option.

It’s up to you. It is time that you stepped up for your country. To do anything less would be un-American.

I will close with a quote from the great Winston Churchill:

If you will not fight for right when you can easily win without bloodshed; if you will not fight when your victory is sure and not too costly; you may come to the moment when you will have to fight with all the odds against you and only a precarious chance of survival. There may even be a worse case. You may have to fight when there is no hope of victory, because it is better to perish than to live as slaves.

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Jim Jordan’s Reversal Move

Jim Jordan is about as good as it gets. In fact, on my web site which ranks strictly based upon votes, he is the number one tea party voter in the House. You can see the rankings by clicking here.

Jim spoke on a conference call I was in on a couple of weeks ago and I was very impressed. More importantly, Jim stands by our principles and stood firmly with us in opposition to the horrible Boehner debt increase plan. He is loyal. Same here. You? Keep reading.

Now in what has to be seen as retaliation for Jordan’s current and previous independence from the Establishment GOP’s dictates, John Boehner is reportedly approving an Ohio redistricting plan that gets rid of Jordan’s district. You heard that right. Stand up for what is right against the country clubbers and they will get you. That is hardball, friends.

Surely they know this means war. We have more House Cleaning to do than I had hoped. Apparently they simply did not get it last November.

Did you know that Jim was a four time state wrestling champ in high school and two time NCAA Division I champ in college? Mark Levin mentioned it while talking to Jim on his radio show.

In wrestling, when your opponent seems to have you, if you can accomplish a reversal, you can turn the tables quickly.

Jim’s district adjoins John Boehner’s district.

Jim’s Reversal: Move into Boehner’s disrict and primary him.

Let’s take up a collection to pay Jim’s moving expense. Let’s send a message so loud that even John Boehner and Mitch McConnell can hear it: you serve at our pleasure, you insubordinate former employees.

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Put Down the TV Remote, Get Off of the Couch

History will look back on this time as a critical moment in the course of the American Experiment. We are potentially standing astride a crease in American history, a crease that divides the [mostly] Constitutional Republic from something that looks more like the gray welfare states of Europe.

If you are not actively involved in this struggle, you are spitting in the faces of all of the incredible Americans in history who sacrificed to hand us this amazing Republic. This is on your watch, and just like Nathan Hale and Joseph Warren it is your job to step up and shoulder the burden when it is on your watch. Blogging and listening to Rush and posting articles to Facebook is not enough. Put down the TV remote and get off the sofa. I beg you to join a local Tea Party Patriots affiliated group and join the movement that will save America. Do not be fooled by other groups, the altruistic tea party is Tea Party Patriots.

I am very involved in the Tea Party movement. I am on the board of my local Tea Party and hold the title of Communications Director. Further, I am a local coordinator for the national Tea Party Patriots, which means that I am in the loop when it comes to plans and strategy. This weekend I attended a TPP local coordinators conference, which brought in local coordinators from around the US. If you met these people and saw the things that I saw in terms of our movement’s plans and strategy, you would be infused with hope and energy. I know that I am, and I am a hardcore cynic at times.

What I am asking for is real action. I meet a ton of people who are on board with our philosophy but have never been to a single Tea Party event, not even a Tax Day rally. Even then, most people have been to perhaps one event. The fact is that even the people who call themselves Tea Partiers go to a meeting once a month and for some reason they think that they are accomplishing something. We are a relatively small group of people, and we are pulling your weight. It is time for you to step up and sacrifice some of your time. The left is counting on you being obsessed with American Idol and other drivel.

Again, I implore you to become a metaphorical foot soldier in this movement, which is the ONLY HOPE for America. If the Tea Party fails, America morphs into Amerika and will never come back. It is a one way change, people. Please take me seriously on this. We need your help.

I want to relate a conversation that I had the other morning while I was hanging out waiting for the conference to start. The next conference room over contained a large group of soldiers who were about to deploy and were having a meeting. I noticed a big guy in BDUs walking down our way and as I always do, I went over to talk to him. Luckily I am familiar enough with the ranks to be able to walk right up and say “Thank you for your service, [officer rank here].” But his response surprised me and actually chokes me up again thinking about it. He held my handshake in a firm grip without letting go, nodded toward the sign that said “Tea Party Patriots” and asked “Are you with them?”. When I said yes, he leaned in and said “No, thank YOU for your service.”  I was floored. In our ensuing discussion it was agreed that while he was walking the line and watching our backs, he expected the Tea Party movement to be here back at home watching his back. Soon he had to go because he was leading their meeting, but when he left he shook my hand hard again and held it in a firm grip as he implored me “Don’t give up, Don’t let up, Don’t back down. We are counting on you guys.”

Is that enough for you to get off of the sofa? If not, nothing ever will.

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Cut Up the Credit Cards

Carters Malaise Speech

I remember suffering through the dismal Jimmy Carter economy when I was a kid in about 1979 or 1980, as my step-father’s paving company struggled to survive. (As a side note, there are few better ways to learn about hard work than working with 300 degree asphalt over a hot Southeast summer). One evening my step-dad sat down at the dinner table and cut up every one of his credit cards.  He knew that the only way that he was ever going to claw his way out of debt was to stop adding to that debt.

Destroying your credit cards is certainly drastic, but the reality is that sometimes we need to play hardball with ourselves in order to do the right thing. It taught me a lesson that is very applicable to our country today.

We are now entering a debate about allowing Congress to raise the debt ceiling yet again, and it is very reasonable to apply our own personal finance lessons to our country’s fiscal situation.

There is no shortage of people, on both the left and the right, claiming that we simply must raise the debt ceiling. This is utter nonsense.  In fact, the survival of our economy and our country may well depend on refusing to acquiesce to the elites’ bad economic logic.

Let’s look at this on a personal level.

If you have $30K worth of credit card debt and you decide that you simply cannot accrue any more debt, you can cut up your credit cards. According to our tax-evading Treasury Secretary, this would mean that you now face “catastrophic economic consequences.”

Only in government could a person make the argument that refusing to permit increasing a 14+ trillion dollar debt spells disaster.

Clearly, in your own personal finances, when you stop increasing an already large debt you are in fact avoiding those catastrophic consequences.  Regardless of what these big spending statists claim, the same holds true for the United States Government.  Could it be that perhaps the elites and we regular people simply have a different definition of “catastrophic consequences”?

Geithner further asserts that this would amount to defaulting on the debt, but that argument is preposterous. Instead, all this means is that the federal government will be unable to continue to add to the debt, a debt that will have to be paid off by future generations long after today’s statist politicians and their crony capitalist allies are just dusty old names on federal buildings. One wonders what these self-interested hucksters in D.C. have against future generations of Americans, given that they have no problem metaphorically throwing them under the bus in order to feather their nests and buy votes today.

In fact, a post at The Economist sheds some light on the reality of the argument about the debt ceiling and default:

ALMOST everyone takes it for granted that a failure to raise the debt ceiling will eventually force the United States to default on its Treasury debt. This notion is superficially puzzling. The question is addressed in this week’s issue of The Economist. I’ll dig into it a bit more here.

A default would result from failure to pay principal or interest. The debt ceiling doesn’t bar either. Treasury can roll over maturing issues so long as the overall stock of outstanding debt doesn’t rise. (A caveat: Treasury must invest surplus Social Security and Medicare taxes by issuing non-marketable debt to the plans’ trust funds, which erodes the remaining capacity for marketable debt.) As for interest, even in today’s straightened circumstances, revenue is more than enough to cover interest charges. The helpful table below from Lou Crandall of Wrightson ICAP shows that in every month this year, projected cash receipts comfortably exceed interest payments; the narrowest margin comes in November, when receipts exceed interest by $131 billion.

In short, we have to raise the debt limit if we want to keep borrowing money. But given that continuing to borrow money simply kicks the can down the road for future generations to deal with, we should instead look at this as an opportunity to force Congress to stop spending. If they cannot raise the debt limit, they cannot borrow. If they cannot borrow, their accelerated looting of generations of unborn Americans can be halted in its tracks.

There is no doubt that this is not going to be easy.  The results for those who are living off of the rest of us via the bloated and mostly unconstitutional entitlement programs will be unpleasant to say the least. But given the current economy and the amount of debt accrued just over the last four years of Democrat control of Congress, borrowing more money is a luxury that we can no longer afford.

It is astounding that a group of people could possibly despise Americans who have not been born yet, but blowing the inheritance today while leaving them with a one hundred trillion dollar debt is a national act of descendant abuse.

We must not allow the debt ceiling to be raised.  It is time to cut up the national credit cards.

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Barack Alinsky

Saul Alinsky

It is now obvious that the President of the United States is actively involved in encouraging civil unrest in Wisconsin. While some want to believe that he is just a lefty politician pursuing lefty goals, his actions in meddling in the internal politics of one of the several States, as he also did in Arizona, shows that he is nothing more than a rabble-rousing community organizer like his hero Saul Alinsky.  Mr. Obama has demonstrated what many of us already knew:  he has no respect for federalism or the rights of states to govern themselves as they see fit. He acts more like a third world dictator than the President of the United States.

Writing over at The Right Sphere, RB hits the nail on the head with this observation:

Close your eyes and imagine what the media and the Lefty blogosphere would be saying today if we had learned that a Republican President’s re-election campaign was involved in organizing disruptive protests against a State Government. It’s hard to imagine because it would never happen. But it is currently happening in Wisconsin under our current Democrat President.

In fact, even the Washington Post speaks the truth about what President Barack Alinsky is doing:

Obama accused Scott Walker, the state’s new Republican governor, of unleashing an “assault” on unions in pushing emergency legislation that would change future collective-bargaining agreements that affect most public employees, including teachers.

The president’s political machine worked in close coordination Thursday with state and national union officials to get thousands of protesters to gather in Madison and to plan similar demonstrations in other state capitals.

Their efforts began to spread, as thousands of labor supporters turned out for a hearing in Columbus, Ohio, to protest a measure from Gov. John Kasich (R) that would cut collective-bargaining rights.

By the end of the day, Democratic Party officials were organizing additional demonstrations in Ohio and Indiana, where an effort is underway to trim benefits for public workers. Some union activists predicted similar protests in Missouri, New Jersey and Pennsylvania.

Even Speaker Boehner (who finally acquired some guts thanks to the Tea Party), does an excellent job of calling out the President for what he is doing:

“The President of the United States has a unique opportunity and responsibility to lead this nation. President Obama has acknowledged the challenges we face, but – thus far – he has done nothing to offer solutions. Now, worse, his political organization is colluding with special-interest allies across the country to demagogue reform-minded governors who are making the tough choices that the President is avoiding.

“This is not the way to begin an ‘adult conversation’ about solutions to the big challenges facing our country. Rather than inciting protests against those who speak honestly about the challenges we face, the President and his advisers should lead.

“When the American people watched the people of Greece take to the streets to protest cuts to unsustainable government programs, they worried it might foreshadow events in our nation’s distant future – but today, we see the same sort of protests on the streets of Madison, fueled by President Obama’s own political machine.

Finally, the always spot-on John Hayward warns us that this is only the beginning in a short piece over at Human Events:

You’re next, Ohio!  President Obama’s “Organizing for America” is ramping up its efforts to protect public union privileges from the objections of tax serfs.  A few thousand public union troops descended on Columbus Thursday, angry at Republican Governor John Kasich’s initiative to weaken their collective bargaining powers.  A chipper article in the Huffington Post reassures us that organizing efforts are now only “a week behind” Wisconsin.  And look how well that’s going!

If you’re an Ohio parent, you should probably start stockpiling educational materials, so you can teach your kids after the union teachers abandon them to join protests at the state house.  Ohio Democrats had better fire up Expedia and find themselves hotel accommodations in Pennsylvania.  You want to lock in the best possible price for your spider hole when you abandon your duties and flee the state to avoid tough votes.  Meanwhile, Ohio Republicans should negotiate for group rates on personal security.

After Ohio, the War On Taxpayers moves to Indiana, where the state Senate wants to limit the collective bargaining privileges of teacher unions.  A Bloomberg News article informs us one of the concessions unions have already won is that “certain teachers with 5 years of experience are not subject to evaluation in Indianapolis public schools.”  Now that’s what I call accountability!  I can’t understand why so many parents want to switch to a privatized education system where every teacher would be subject to evaluation.  They’re pretty much above criticism once they’ve been on the job for five years, right?

This radical community organizer is finally showing us something that he is good at: stirring up unrest. We should look for more and more of this from our empty suit President now that the American people neutered him in the last elections.

There is one good thing that can come out of this. People are seeing what the Bolshevik labor unions are all about, and they will not like it. Just like the illegal aliens who marched on May Day with their sea of Mexican Flags, these union thugs are doing real damage to their cause. It couldn’t happen to more deserving entitlement-attitude thugs.

Click here to see some of the signs carried by protesters, images that would have the media frothing if they were at a Tea Party rally.

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Safety Net or Hammock?

We are at a moment where, if government’s growth is left unchecked and unchallenged, America’s best century will be considered our past century. This is a future in which we will transform our social safety net into a hammock, which lulls able-bodied people into lives of complacency and dependency.

In a thoughtful response to President Obama’s vacuous State of the Union Address, Wisconsin congressman Paul Ryan completely nailed it with that one passage.  In a country where we once valued independence and a strong blue-collar work ethic, we have a group of entrenched statists in both parties who have figured out that the path to power is in making as many people dependent on government as possible.  Accordingly, just as the stray cat on your back porch will start to expect you to put out food every morning, a large group of Americans have come to expect and feel entitled to regular payments from those of us in the productive sector of America.

I have been reflecting for some time on the reality that the safety net has instead become a lifestyle subsidy, filling the recipients with an unwarranted sense of entitlement while allowing them to spend their money on luxury items, expecting the rest of us to fund the necessities of life. But as he often does, Paul Ryan articulated it in a very clear and meaningful way by pointing out that the system that was intended to temporarily help people in need has instead become a lifetime lifestyle subsidy. My only disagreement with Mr. Ryan is that I contend that this is not a future scenario; the safety net is already a hammock for an astounding number of Americans, and unsurprisingly they are angrily indignant at the very idea of giving up their baseless claim on the property of others.

We have all seen people in the grocery store with two piles of food items at the checkout line.  One pile is generic food that the taxpayers are paying for via a redistribution program while the other pile includes luxury food items like alcohol, tobacco, and expensive food. They free up their money for luxury items by making taxpayers pay for their basic items. For a similarly clear example, take a look at this picture, which accompanied a story about the Home Heating Assistance program in Macon, Georgia:

Indignant sense of entitlement

Indignant sense of entitlement

Showing her Georgia Power bills in the one warm room of her home, Raymeica Kelly explains how her mother, sister and herself were turned away from the Energy Assistance Program on Wednesday morning after standing in line for four hours. All three complained that the system the Macon-Bibb County Economic Opportunity Council uses to give out the assistance needs improving.

Take a good look at that picture.  Do you notice anything out of place given the description of this individual as someone who needs help paying her heating bills?  I see a huge wide screen TV and an X-Box 360, which seem to be luxury items for someone who expects the taxpayers to pay her heating bill.  Further, it is a safe bet that she is not just pulling a couple of broadcast channels out of the air.  No, she likely has two hundred cable channels for that huge and expensive television.  But of course, she has hard working taxpayers paying for large parts of her daily needs, freeing up her money to spend on fun things.

By definition, a safety net is a system designed to temporarily help people in their time of need.  This is most decidedly not what we have in America.  We have a huge group of people who want us to pay for the necessities of life so that they can have a big TV, a nice car, and a high-end cell phone.

Like it or not, these people are societal parasites.

Our so-called safety net must be retooled in order to prevent these perennial parasites from living their entire lives subsidized by the rest of us. With over $100 trillion of unfunded liabilities to be paid to people who have actually paid money into the system with the expectation of getting some of it back down the road, lifestyle subsidies like those given to Ms. Kelly are luxuries that we can no longer afford.

A good start would be a time limit. For example, you get six months of payments while you get back on your feet, then cannot receive welfare payments for another 5 years.  That should clear out some of the stray cats on our national back porch.

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